Barry’s Boxing Center is a non-profit organization, developed to encourage, not discourage, young men and women in their pursuit of excellence in the sport of boxing both in and out of the ring.


We actively support the youth of Las Vegas on their path of physical and moral excellence. Barry’s Boxing Center is an environment that exemplifies the values of hard work, and respect.


Our founders’ commitment the sport of boxing inspired the opening of Barry’s Boxing Center. Our boxing gym has a mission to help the youth of the Las Vegas community.


"I really like the gym because it is something I like to do. I want to become a boxer. I like hitting the bags, and sparring. I kind of like exercises. What I like most is…is…is EVERYTHING! I have fun with Augie, how he laughs and the jokes he tells. I like going to the lockers and getting ready. I like hitting the speed bag and I like when Augie says Hai! Hai! Hai! What I most like is…is…is EVERYTHING!"

Name: Pablo
  Age 12

Great Environment

"I like the gym because it’s a great environment for me to be around. I would like to thank everybody for teaching me how to do the things I can do, for teaching me how to move my head, and for teaching me how to throw my punches. If the trainers didn’t help me I would not be where I am at in boxing. Thank you again."

Name: Junior
  Age 10


"I like boxing because it shows me strength and power. I like it because it’s fun. It is also a good workout. I also like it because it teaches you how to fight and defend yourself. Boxing teaches you to punch and stuff. It also teaches you to block, and how to hit particular bags. I also like hitting the speed bag because it teaches you eye and hand coordination. That is why I like boxing."

Name: Nina

Why I Like The Gym

"I like Barry’s Boxing because of all of the fun I have there with my coaches Augie, Rapper Teddy, Pat, Dawn, Christine, hungry Alex, Ron, and all of the other people there that box. I enjoy how I’m taught to punch my jabs, hook, & my uppercuts. And I thank everyone for teaching me how to protect myself for when I have to do my Layla Ali moves."

Name: Anonymous
  Age 14

Why I go to the gym

"I go to the gym to work out and stuff. Usually, I would hit the heavy bag. Also, I would hit the upper cut bag. Sometimes I would also jump rope. This is also why I go to the gym. I like the sparring and the drills. The ply metrics and the shields are great. Also, the sparring is great. This is why I go to the gym."

Name: Marvin
  Age 9



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